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Learn more about IWA and our campaigns in one of two info session prior to our conference!


Register as soon as you can in order to take advantage of the early bird special of $10 off per day!

Help us plan! We are a small team of 3 putting this conference on and need all the help we can get!


Greetings from the global secretariat of the International Women's Alliance! We are excited to share our plans to host a two-day political conference in Washington DC from March 4-5, 2023. The conference aims to strengthen IWA's US Country Chapter building by engaging current and interested IWA members in panels and discussions on IWA's central campaigns and analysis on exploitation and violence against women. 

As the global economic crisis worsens and global conflicts between super-powers escalate, IWA recognizes that the opportunity is ripe to raise women's contribution to the anti-war movement; as well as to galvinize women to demand our rights and create a world free of exploitation. Through our collective work and rousing political education we will leave the conference with a deeper unity on the importance of building an alliance of working women who can wage a strong US-wide campaign to deal a ferocious blow to US imperialism. 

We invite any interested organizations, unions, and individuals to attend an information session to learn more about the International Women's Alliance and or campaigns; and to register for the conference and join us in March! Organizations are invited to fundraise and mobilize as many members as possible to Washington DC to be part of this historic kick-off to women's history month as we strengthen and build the International Women's Alliance US Country Chapter!


Conference Objectives

  1. Mobilize current and interested IWA members to IWA Political conference - increase IWA US’s membership to 20 member organizations

  2. Mobilize at least 150 members and allies to the GABRIELA USA Congress and IWA US launching

  3. Promote IWA’s anti-imperialist line by presenting IWA’s analysis on exploitation and violence against women through speakers, panels, and group discussions

  4. Build IWA US and IWA Americas by uniting on a US-wide campaign against violence and exploitation in order to organize more women, build national and global solidarity and broadly promote IWA’s analysis

  5. Strengthen IWA’s chapter building and prepare next steps by holding initial meetings with the IWA US initiative committee after the conference concludes

  6. Lead a mass action with members of GAB-USA to deal a blow to US Imperialism - get media coverage from 4 publications

  7. Raise $10,000


We are encouraging attendees to be self-reliant in securing housing and utilizing regional fundraising efforts to help cover costs. However, there are limited homestays available. Please email us at to inquire.

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