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Women of the world unite against US led wars of aggression and imperialist intervention!

The International Women’s Alliance calls on all member organizations, partners and peace loving people to join the international week of action from March 1-7 and participate in anti-war actions around the world denouncing the war in US-backed Ukraine and ultimately escalating tensions between western imperialism, with the US-NATO at the helm, and Russia.

In the past few weeks we have seen in real time the escalation after 8 years of US intervention and provocation in efforts to weaken Russia’s global influence. Since 2014 the US and NATO have been providing weapons and $1.5 billion in aid to the Ukrainian government in order to solidify their alliance with Ukraine. Russia is opposed to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), a position which is non-negotiable. However, Ukraine's current government wants to not only join NATO but also be a part of the European Union (EU).

But what does this mean for women and workers everywhere? This war and the sanctions placed on Russia will raise prices on top of what is already the fastest pace of inflation in 40 years. Biden and NATO continue to escalate, knowing that there will be economic consequences, which will be most acutely felt by the working class who have already been hit hard by the pandemic crisis.

Russia is the world’s 3rd largest producer of oil and the second largest for natural gas. Ukraine has the second-biggest known gas reserves in Europe, apart from Russia's gas reserves, although largely unexploited. Ukraine also produces 16% of the world’s corn and 12% of its wheat, as well as being a significant exporter of barley and rye. Monopoly capitalism is a major driving force over the conflict, with Russia and the United States vying for control over the resource rich region.

Though any import/export blockages will most directly affect Europe and Asia, there will be price increases felt throughout the world. Inflation is the direct result of war, to boost more military spending, and those who are hit hardest by these economic impacts are the toiling masses of workers and peasants.

As men are called to war to protect Ukraine against Russian attacks - it is women who are left to provide for and comfort their families. We know the burdens the women of Ukraine are facing are unimaginable, and we extend our deepest solidarity and support. More than 14,000 have been killed in the past 8 years, and civilian casualties are in the hundreds over the past 8 days since the Russian invasion on Ukraine. According to the UN Deputy High Commission for Refugees, more than 850,000 Ukrainians, mostly women and children, have already been internally displaced by the war and could potentially reach up to 4 million if the war escalates.

Ultimately, it is only through militant struggle against the Russian invasion and the US-backed Ukrainian government who is beholden to US imperialism that will liberate the Ukrainian people. We must support their self determination to fight for their social liberation and call an end to US-NATO intervention.

Condemn US warmongering and aggression against Russia!

Condemn the Russian invasion and military intervention in Ukraine!

US-NATO out of Ukraine! Implement the 2014 Minsk Agreement!

Support the militant struggle of the Ukrainian people for democracy, social liberation and self-determination!

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