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Unafraid, International Working Women Advance Boldly to Rise, Resist and Fight! 

On International Working Women’s Day, the International Women’s Alliance (IWA) affirms its commitment to fight fascism, resist militarization and unite for liberation. We will strive to unite working women around the world against wars of aggression in the face of imperialism and exploitation. All working women and their families deserve to live in dignity, free from exploitation.

On March 8th, 2017, the International Women’s Alliance (IWA) and its member organizations will continue the call to resist imperialist plunder and war. IWA empowers working women and forges links of solidarity with those who are fighting for their lives, their family, and their land in an ever-worsening crisis of capitalism that exploits women’s labor, their bodies, and their voices.

In this era of crisis under imperialism, the lives of refugee, Muslim, migrant, working class women and their families continue to be threatened around the world. Imperialist nations, with the U.S. at the helm, codntinue to slash social services, drive down wages and force working people deeper into debt and misery through neoliberal policies that further the interests of monopoly capitalists. Peasants and indigenous tribes face unbridled violence from military and paramilitary troops deployed into their communities by imperialists, wealthy landlords, and multi-national corporations seeking to grab land and plunder natural resources.  The aggressive exploitation of land and resources leads to environmental disasters, threatening the livelihood of women and their families who rely on the land, and threatening the very future of humankind.

Competition among imperialists to monopolize resources, expand their markets, and control resource-rich regions of the world result in even more wars of aggression and increased military spending amongst imperialist nations. More and more women are raped, their families murdered and maimed in wars whose main casualties are civilians.  As hundreds of thousands of refugees flee their militarized homelands, they meet further attacks in receiving countries, where the ruling classes spew neo-fascism and hatred against them to divide working people.

Over 100 years ago, in the midst of the bloodbath of World War I,  March 8 marked the day that working class women united to fight war, exploitation and oppression. Today, women continue to fight for their basic rights under an imperialist system that does not value their lives. We honor those who have put their lives on the line to protect their people, their land, and their livelihood, women who fight for national sovereignty amidst imperialist plunder, such as environmental activist and indigenous leader Berta Caceres who was assassinated in Honduras one year ago.

In the face of imperialist wars of aggression, ongoing violence by reactionary governments, and growing fascism, people are rising in resistance in all regions of the world. The time is ripe for working women around the world to seize these conditions and organize the struggle for a brighter future for ourselves and the peoples of the world.

Our international women’s liberation movement shall take up the charge to rise against fascism, resist militarization, and unite for liberation.

Working women of the world unite!

Oppose neoliberal policies!

Fight police repression and militarization of our communities!

Free our sisters, free ourselves!

Defend our homeland, defend ourselves!

End imperialist plunder and War!

No to another generation of comfort women!

Oppose US Pivot to Asia!

Junk the Trans Pacific Partnership!

End Israeli occupation!

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