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Statement of the International Women’s Alliance Condemning the Turkish and Iranian Military Forces’

The International Women’s Alliance (IWA) condemns the Turkish and Iranian military forces’ attacks on Kurdish communities which have already resulted in the death of not less than seven (7) innocent civilians, including four (4) children and a pregnant woman in the Kandil region. We condemn the Turkish and Iranian governments’ tolerance of such crimes against humanity, as despite the appalling deaths, they allow their forces to continue the airstrikes in and bombing of hundreds of villages. The continued attacks have destroyed homes and farms and displaced hundreds of families from their communities. IWA calls on the said governments to immediately stop the senseless attacks.

IWA salutes the Kurdish women, who, despite the threats against their lives, continue to bravely demand for peace in their communities. The Initiatives of Peace Mothers has the IWA’s full support in all its peace efforts, especially the “human shield” the women will form against Turkish and Iranian bombs and artillery shells.

IWA calls on its members, as well as other organizations and alliances, to likewise express support for and solidarity with our Kurdish Sisters and the rest of the people of Kurdistan in their struggle for justice and peace. Stop the attacks on civilian communities in Kurdistan! Justice for the victims of Turkish and Iranian attacks! Long live the Initiatives of Peace Mothers and the Kurdish women!

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