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Solidarity Message to the Palestinian People from IWA Member GABRIELA Philippines

Solidarity Message to Palestinian People

Members of the International Women's Alliance (IWA) in the Philippines join calls of justice for victims of the recent spate of attacks in Gaza by the Israeli government.

Members of the International Women’s Alliance (IWA) in the Philippines join calls of justice for victims of the recent spate of attacks in Gaza by the Israeli government.


In behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Filipino women fighting for genuine peace and justice, GABRIELA National Alliance of Filipino Women condemns in the strongest term, the recent attacks and bombings by the Zionist government of Israel against the Palestinian people. We strongly condemn the imperialist governments lead by the United States for their continued support and provocation of these atrocious attacks and genocide of Palestinian people.

We send our solidarity to the people, especially the women of Palestine who are in constant fear for their and their families’ lives because of the unending atrocities inflicted by the Zionists. Our deepest sympathies to the families of those recently victimized, mostly children, by this recent attack.


The statement of Ayelet Shaked of the Jewish Home Party and a member of Israeli Parliament urging for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers to stop them from bearing more Palestinian children reflects the clear policy of the Zionists—to kill the Palestinian nation. This is no different from the genocide perpetrated by Hitler against the entire Jewish people.

Bombings and shelling of the Gaza strip only highlights the daily atrocities of the Israeli Zionists against Palestinian sovereignty. Everyday Israel continues to occupy Palestinian lands and drives Palestinians from their communities into concentration camps. Millions of people are cramped in very small spaces living in inhumane conditions deprived of basic social services such as clean water, electricity, decent housing and health. Palestinian women and men who try to find ways to feed their families are prevented to leave their communities to work and those who find work are constantly harassed, beaten, monitored and/or arrested by Israeli soldiers. Blockade set up by the Israel has prevented much needed food supplies, medicines and other needs to reach the people which has resulted to widespread disease and malnutrition among children and the old people.

Western imperialist governments such as the US have played a big role in fanning the animosity and war between Israel and Palestine. They continue to send political and military support to Israel thus directly participating in the killings of innocent Palestinians, a policy that US imperialist implement against all nations in the world asserting their sovereignty.

We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian women, who despite threat to their lives and security, continue to struggle for their people’s freedom against Zionist occupation and for a free and sovereign Palestine.

Long live the Palestinian people! Long live international solidarity!


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