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Join the Global Day of Action on October 15!

The International Women’s Alliance (IWA) supports the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ actions and calls on women’s organizations, networks, and alliances worldwide to join and express their solidarity especially on the Global Day of Action on October 15.

It is imperative for us women to lend our strength to the intensifying global struggle for genuine, democratic and pro-people change. There is a great need for us not only to participate but to lead the actions to expose imperialism and capitalism as the root cause of poverty, corruption and other socio-economic ills that plague all the nations in the world. Imperialism and capitalism created the worst economic and financial crises which continue to degrade the living conditions of the majority of the world’s people today.

We salute GABRIELA-USA and other members of the International Women’s Alliance in North America for spearheading women’s actions in Wall Street. Women’s participation in the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ actions is crucial: they are being held at the center of capitalist greed, the place where the agents of imperialism is the strongest. It is thus important that we march with the people and register our contempt and condemnation of imperialist plunder and wars of aggression that violate our most fundamental rights.

We must destroy these shackles that chain women to a life of exploitation and oppression. We must gather inspiration from our sisters in the Middle East and North Africa and advance the struggle against imperialism and all reaction. We must add our number as a vital force in the movement for genuine change.

Let us support the Occupy Wall Street actions!

Let us lead the people in the Global Day of Action on October 15!

Let us demand for our fundamental rights and for genuine change!

Let us bring down imperialism and capitalism!

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