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Highest salute to Ka Jose Maria Sison from the International Women's Alliance!

The International Women’s Alliance is deeply grieved by the passing of one of the greatest militant leaders of our times, the founding leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines, Comrade Joma. His vision, his dedication to overthrowing imperialism, and his absolute belief in the victory of the people of the Philippines in gaining national liberation remained to his last breath.

Comrade Julie de Lima has shared Professor Comrade Sison’s last message to his beloved country men and women, in which he has clearly stated “the Filipino People’s Democratic Revolution is Invincible.” And this belief will indeed come to fruit.

Ka Joma will be remembered and honored for his deeply critical analysis of imperialism and his vision and political struggle for not only the Filipino people but for the people of the colonized world struggling for liberation. Professor Jose Maria Sison has provided us - the women fighting to free themselves of the shackles of patriarchy, feudalism and imperialism – with extremely critical tools of analysis.

His revolutionary vision and teachings have rooted our struggle to contest not only monopoly capital but to work toward dismantling patriarchy. His constant guidance, his deep love for the masses have inspired not only the Filipino people, but to the people of the world.

His zeal and energy for revolution added to the people’s militant power, to continue our journey to fight and win a bright future for the entire humanity. Professor Joma has inspired us to resist, to fight and to win. And Win We Will!

We send our deepest condolences to his family, especially to his life long partner Comrade Julie who has stood with him shoulder to shoulder; joining him in his struggle for genuine democracy, and in the very long painful exile.

His revolutionary struggle will be a beacon for the masses leading us to victory, freedom from capitalist tyranny, from oppression and exploitation of a class-based society.

Long Live Ka Joma!

Long Live International Solidarity!

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