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General Program of Action (GPOA)

The International Women’s Alliance (IWA) is the organized expression of the broad unity of grassroots women’s organizations, institutions, networks, alliances and individuals who are struggling resolutely against imperialism and all reaction  to advance the cause of  national and social liberation and the full emancipation of women.

For one hundred years since the declaration of International Women’s Day in 1910, women across the globe have waged various forms of resistance to achieve their  most basic rights  and freedoms. However, in the face of the prolonged crisis of capitalism, the victories gained through hard struggles are being attacked and taken away in the greedy pursuit of profit and power by the world’s elites and their local lackeys.

To protect the few freedoms women have won through hard struggles and to intensify the struggle for total liberation of women and all oppressed and exploited peoples of the world from the shackles of imperialism and all reaction, the International Women’s Alliance is committed to undertake the following:

  1. Resist imperialist plunder and war as it intensifies the exploitation and oppression of the  people of the world, in particular women;

  2. Expose and oppose  imperialist discourses and structures that feed on, shape and intensify patriarchy and the subjugation of women;

  3. Assert women’s rights in economic, political and socio-cultural spheres;

  4. Fight to end all forms of violence, discrimination and marginalization of women and struggle against conservative and oppressive ideologies and structures that impede the exercise of women’s rights and freedoms;

  5. Build and develop a broad international women’s movement that is deeply rooted among the masses of women workers of all nationalities, peasants, indigenous, youth, and other democratic forces  to transform women into an organized political force in the struggle for national and social liberation and gender equality;

  6. Build and strengthen international cooperation, mutual support and sharing of strategies of resistance among women’s organizations, movements and activists;

  7. Encourage and support the building of local anti-imperialist women’s networks and organizations;

  8. Raise the consciousness of women and men on the root causes of women’s oppression and exploitation through theoretical study and practice;

  9. Link up and unite with other progressive and social movements in the struggle against imperialism and all reaction;

  10. Uphold and promote a society based on social justice, genuine peace, freedom and equality – one that is protective of the world’s natural resources and the environment.

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