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IWA's Central Campaigns

The International Women’s Alliance was founded in 2010 with the purpose of bringing together organizations committed to advancing the struggle of women against imperialism, exploitation, war and patriarchy. Around the world women are working to provide for themselves and their families amidst growing economic inequality, climate change, war, and health crises - all while receiving little relief from governments or agencies. Women have historically been seen as the ones responsible for taking care of the family and the home. Their subservient role under men has made women vulnerable, especially as they are pushed into the workforce. Women are often victims of workplace abuse, wage theft, trafficking, and war crimes.


Many regions globally are ravaged by war under military invasion and occupation. The impact on women is twofold. On one hand, women have to take on the economic and social responsibilities of the home when men are called to war. On the other, when communities are militarized it is women who are used as tools by the occupying power to prove its social power and control through violence, rape, and intimidation.  War is said to be a necessity to defend democracy and human rights against tyranny, but it is women and their families who are caught in the crossfires of war and are subjected to acts of violence.


While women around the world face different situations based on where they live - globally women are impacted by the prioritization of profit and power over people. Women are underpaid compared to men for the same work, and are disproportionately affected by forced labor - accounting for 99% of the commercial sex industry and 58% of other industries impacted by human trafficking. Women also account for a majority of the “informal economy” which offers no protections or regulations. The informal economy developed out of a need to find other means for survival in a world where the cost to live is constantly increasing while wages are constantly shrinking.


In the twenty-first century it is state violence and economic exploitation that universally impacts women and prevents our full participation in society. As women, we realize that it is our collective strength that can change our situation for the better. IWA calls on our member organizations, freedom loving women, and our allies to join together and take up the following campaigns. 


The United States remains the number one imperialist power in the world today. Through excessive military funding, weapons development, and global alliances, the United States has made it clear that its number one priority is global domination through direct and indirect means. There are over 750 US military bases spread around the world, and spends more on its military budget than the next 10 countries combined.  This domination through imperial control primarily serves the interests of the ruling elite.  Under the global pandemic we are seeing countless US-funded and supported governments respond to the health crisis with guns and goons rather than with public health policies.

The global capitalist system relies heavily on women’s unpaid labor at home and underpaid labor at work. It is in this regard we call on the women of the world to organize and join IWA in its effort to unite and strengthen the anti-imperialist women’s movement to confront monopoly capitalism, feudalism, and class oppression and to fight for women’s liberation!

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