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IWA Assemblies & Political Conferences

IWA US Political Conference


Rouse the militant women’s movement to action! Unite working women to confront the crisis and fight U.S. imperialism! 

A US-based political conference organized by the  International Women's Alliance aiming to build collective analysis on issues affecting women at home and abroad, to mobilize against a shared target, and to unite on campaigns to take up in 2023!

IWA Canada Assembly

Many Struggles, One Fight! Women: Defenders of Life and Land

October 2022, we are holding a pan-Canadian assembly to formalise a Canada-wide chapter of IWA. We will also review the past decade of our mobilisation activities and learn from our sisters' experiences, in Canada and elsewhere. 


IWA 2nd International Assembly


Women building peace resisting militarization, fascism and economic plunder

The Second International Assembly was a venue to share women’s  campaigns for equality and emancipation, for genuine land reform and national industrialization or against neoliberal policies and against militarization, imperialist war and plunder; meet and strengthen ties with other women representatives of member organizations and individual friends, working for women’s emancipation; and contribute to the sharpening of the campaigns of our organization, regionally and globally, continue building and strengthening the international movement of women.

IWA 1st International Assembly

Advance the Global Anti-imperialist Women’s Movement! Strengthen the International Women’s Alliance!

In the morning of July 5, participants to the IWA FGA joined hundreds of individuals from all over the world in opening the International Festival of Peoples’ Rights and Struggles (IFPRIS), a space for workers, peasants, women, migrants, indigenous peoples, youth, artists and many other sectors from around the globe to learn, share and interact with one another as they confront  the issues and challenges in the struggle against the exploitative and repressive system of patriarchy and imperialism.

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